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Reference Letter from Care Recipient Family

Thank You

Dear Tim and Jody,

I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful care and service you provided when my husband, Ken Jarvi, finally needed extra care when his disease became more than one person could handle.


From the beginning, you were professional and efficient. But, what was amazing were the lengths you went to for my husband. I was worried about how my husband would handle strangers helping him. However, from the moment Tim came to the house that first day, Ken was hooked! He so enjoyed having Tim and Gilbert come. They both worked so hard to find areas of interest that Ken had, and then worked with him to learn more. He so enjoyed the talks he had with Tim, and truly thought of him as a friend.


When Ken began having more problems, Tim would come with his calming presence. It helped Ken tremendously. Also, I called and told them I needed 24 hour care by the next day. They immediately arranged it. They had Tim and Gilbert work two of the shifts, therefore, it was like having friends, not strangers, in your home. When Ken was sleeping, they would take on other chores, and provide that extra help I needed.


This is truly a special company. They really care about their clients, and go far beyond other businesses in the care they provide.


I would recommend Exceptional Caregivers to anyone in need of this service. Thank you for helping Ken and I through an extremely tough time.


Barbara Jarvi

Reference Letter from Care Recipient Family

Exceptional Caregivers Service

Dear Jody,

I have really appreciated the support and services of both you and your staff at Exceptional Caregivers. Watching my mom and my aunt's worlds grow smaller as their physical abilities diminished has been one of the more challenging experiences of my life.


You and your staff provided thoughtful and caring support for each of them. both were exceptionally strong and proud women. You hit the right mix of respect and assistance.

I appreciate that you took the time and care to make sure that both mom and auntie had the "right" caregivers. Matching personalities and needs is never easy, and I thank you for your sensitivity to that very personal dynamic. You were always responsive to their needs- as well as my questions and concerns.


I never felt as though we were "just a job" for you or your staff. You gave unstintingly of your love and respect. Thank you.


Jonne Hower