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The Founding of Exceptional Caregivers

How Exceptional Caregivers Began

Jody Gallegos has been care giving for over 25 years. She was an independent caregiver before establishing Exceptional Caregivers LLC in August of 2006. At that time Jody was pushing 80 hours per week on her own, and decided she needed help. Exceptional Caregivers began with fewer than five caregivers, and just three care recipients.


In October of 2009 Tim and Jody were married and through their shared love for the elderly they dedicated themselves to building Exceptional Caregivers into what it is today.  They believe that care giving is an under appreciated occupation and they strive to change the mindset of the industry as well as the care recipients and their families. Many of our caregivers and care recipients have come to us by word of mouth and referral. Being referred to others is an honor, and we strive to maintain the standard that sets us apart.


Today Exceptional Caregivers has grown to employ over two dozen caregivers, and has the privilege of currently serving nearly as many care recipients and their families. Exceptional Caregivers is ever growing in size, passion, dedication, and genuine care for the elderly. 

The sky is the limit when passion is the foundation you build on.

Our Ability to Shine

Our Caregivers

Many of our caregivers were formerly self employed. They come to us highly recommended with exceptional references. They are motivated and share our affinity for elderly individuals. They derive genuine satisfaction from caring for the needs and preferences of care recipients. The value of Exceptional Caregivers is reflected in the excellence of the caregivers in our employ. 

The Heart of Exceptional Caregivers

Who We Are

Jody Gallegos is the founder of Exceptional Caregivers. Jody discovered she had an affinity for care giving when she first began as a part time caregiver while attending high school. Jody’s favorite activity is visiting and spending time with the elderly. She also enjoys furthering her knowledge about nutrition, as well as spending time with family.


In October 2009 Jody married Tim Gallegos, and began building a life together that centers on family, caring for others, and giving back to their community. She is drawn to the elderly because of her personality, where Tim, is compelled to care for others because of the value and respect he has for his elders.


Tim began working as a youngster in his father's painting business before beginning a career in telephony as a drafter, facilities designer, and manager, later expanding his knowledge of the construction trade. In May of 2009 he began his journey in care giving. Tim enjoys camping, reading, and cooking. Together, Tim and Jody share a love of mountain biking, family gatherings, and attending church.