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Our Services

The caregivers we hire are trained and professional. Because of this elderly individuals and their families are assured the utmost attention to every need. 

About Us

Exceptional caregivers llc


At Exceptional Caregivers LLC we aspire to provide care for you

and your loved ones with a passion and integrity that exceeds

our industries standards. Our caregivers are dedicated, highly trained, and professional. This enables us to give our care recipients and their families the highest quality care and attention.

Exceptional Caregivers LLC recognizes the needs of each Care Recipient

can be varied and unique. We give you the time necessary to 

communicate your needs and preferences, so together we can

customize a care plan that is right for you.

Our experience and attention to detail are what allow

us to personalize the care you require. This is evident in the support 

you receive from your initial contact, through designing your custom care plan,

as well as, helping you determine 

which caregiver is the most compatible to meet your needs. 


“I have an awful lot of help from Exceptional Caregivers. I am grateful to be at home doing my normal routine at this time in my life.”
-Mr. S with caregiver Justin